Stars Under African Skies

Stars Under African Skies

Stars Under African Skies

from 26 Jan 2024 10:00


Join us at Midgard for the weekend of 26 January 2024 for the unique 2024 Stars Under African Skies event!
We promise an authentic O&L Experience at this German Schlager festival with ANNA-MARIA ZIMMERMANN, MICKIE KRAUSE and MARKUS & YVONNE.
We look forward to spoiling you with exquisite food, a great variety of cold drinks and an electrifying atmosphere filled with dance, laughter and unforgettable memories.

-Please take note - no own food and drinks will be allowed
- Maximum 2 people in each tent
- First come, first served basis. Be sure to arrive early to get the best spots.
- Please do not make any fires
- We take no responsibility for lost goods (please bring your own tent lock if you would like to lock it)
- Tents for Friday will be available from 14:00. When arriving on Saturday, you can enter the lodge from 10:00
- No day visitors.
- Onsite ATM & PayToday services will be available.

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From Windhoek to Midgard and back   Location on Google Maps


Stars Under African Skies

Event tickets

Food & Accommodation

Shuttle from Windhoek to Midgard and back

If you do not wish to take your own car – don’t despair. We have a solution. We have arranged a Shuttle Service from Windhoek to Midgard and back to Windhoek.
The Shuttle option is sold as an entire package.