Let's talk Taxes, Duties, Compliance

Let's talk Taxes, Duties, Compliance

Let's talk Taxes, Duties, Compliance

01 Jun 2024 09:00


Is your business compliant and paid-up with BIPA, NAMRA, Social Security? Do you have all the papers to participate in tenders, to apply for funding, or to get a valuation for your business?

Join us for a game-changing 3-hour workshop tailored for SME owners. Get your accounting, taxes, HR, and paperwork in order. To avoid trouble and to pave the way for growth. Learn from industry experts, seize quick fixes, and make taxes less daunting.

Act now to benefit from the tax amnesty program until Oct. Connect with fellow entrepreneurs and gain invaluable insights from those who know the game:

++Delia Magg-Thesenvitz++
Self-made entrepreneur
Successfully sold one of her businesses
Experienced business consultant and mentor for start-up's

++Ester Hamukoto, Esh-Ham Business Consultants++
In business for 11+ years
Know the needs and challenges of SME
Good contacts at BIPA, NAMRA, SSC, CoW

++Naphtali Chipasha, Virtuoso Business Advisors++
Experienced bookkeepers & qualified accountant
Member of South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA)
Familiar with a number of accounting systems

The workshop will be from 9:00-12:00. The ticket price incl. a drink and a handout.

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The Village Boardrooms, Liliencron Str. Windhoek   Location on Google Maps

Let's talk Taxes, Duties, Compliance

Admission incl. handout 01 Jun 2024 09:00


The course fee includes drinks and a handout.